Saturday, July 15, 2006

Big Blogger 2 - Task 12 - I'm Not Worthy

We're in the home stretch now. Big Blogger 2 is down to the final
two contestants: MeMeMeMeMe and Cazzie! I am on pins and
needles, which is quite irritating to my itchy and scratchy skin.

Our next task is to tell why our opponent should win Big Blogger 2.
As Big Blogger says:

Hillbilly Mom and Cazzie, here is the first of your tasks for this week.
You have until the next task is published to finish this one, new tasks
will happen every few days. If your task is done on time, you get an
extra 20 votes added to your score. If it is not done on time, you lose
10 votes off your score.

I'm Not Worthy!

I want each of you to tell me why the other person should win Big
Blogger. Be creative, because the best entry gets an extra 10 votes
on their total.

That gets me all fired up. If I can't win Big Blogger, then Cazzie
should win. Oops! There I go, stating the obvious. Maybe I can
pick up some extra work on the local news. Film at 10:00. That's
because we're on Central Daylight Time, and 'Film at 11:00'
would be a big ol' lie, because then you would see the middle of
Leno or Letterman or a rerun of Bernie Mac, and you would
scream, "Where the ^$#*&(^%!@^ is my %#^$&*%* film?"

I heartily endorse my opponent, Cazzie. Because she isn't just
Cazzie, she's Cazzie! She never has an unkind word to say about
the other Cyberhousemates. She willingly shares Diva's Cabana
Boy, Carlos, with others. She lets us use her bathroom, whether
we are customers or not. She always has a smile, and can make
others turn that frown upside down. Cazzie has ample boobs
for when I just need that very special comforting. She visits
others, and even leaves comments. She's a card, that Cazzie!
But not a penis card.

Cazzie just started blogging, and she took to it like a pig in sh*t.
OK, so maybe that's not a very flattering comparison, but you
know what I mean. She's a natural. She posts almost every day,
and shows us pictures of Big Blogger so we can construct our
voodoo dolls with accuracy.

Cazzie is a great dispenser of free medical advice. She is an ER
nurse, which elevates her to a pedestal in the mind of Hillbilly
Mom, because she also must deal with DoNots in a polite and
professional way. Methinks Cazzie does that better than HM.

Cazzie has a passel o' young 'uns to deal with, and appears to be
good at raising them up right. She even got them a pony. Well,
so it's a two-legged pony named Rebecca, but still a pony, which
is more than HM gave her kids. They only got a pet possum, and
he was so busy playin' possum that their daddy threw him down
the sinkhole right next to the well.

Cazzie is always first to post her Big Blogger tasks. She's truly
an eager beaver, which is just about as good as having a penis
card to play in this game. I am sure Cazzie would mention in
fairness to HM that she is 15 hours ahead, and in the same time
zone as Big Blogger. But still, that should take none of Cazzie's
glory away, as HM usually waits several days to mull over the
task and let it marinate in her head, then pours off the marinade
lest if be riddled with E. coli or Salmonella that could give her
readers a nasty case of diarrhea. Which would then make a
mess of Cazzie's pristine bathroom. Still, Cazzie would know
how to treat them with some Imodium or other such miracle
drug, and her bathroom is self-cleaning, so it wouldn't be a
total tragedy.

Cazzie has already made plans for her winning prize money. She
will use it to fix up her BIG BUS so the family can travel the
countryside singing up a storm like the Partridge Family, and
towing their little pony, Rebecca, behind them. Perhaps they will
all dress in pink, with lovely giant bows in their hair. Even the
pony, Rebecca.

Yes, I would like to see Cazzie win Big Blogger 2. Because she
is OH SO WORTHY. And she knows how to use a gun.

That will bring to an end this meeting of the Cazzie Admiration
Society. Refreshments of Boston Bun and Shandy are now being
served downstairs in the multipurpose room.


Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Why thankyou HBM, I am oh-so-flattered by your kindness of comments..even the pig in #$%^ comment makes me proud!!! I am at work at the moment, and I have draughted half of what I have to say to barrack you along to winning the BB2 prize moulah...will finish it off tonight when I get home, if I am awake enough :) Hope you are feeling better :)

2:53 AM  
Blogger LanternLight said...

and towing their little pony, Rebecca, behind them.

How to win friends and influence Big Blogger :-)

Hope you are getting better OH SO PRETTY one.

5:49 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

This Is Big Blogger.

Hillbilly Mom, you have won the extra votes this task.

This Has Been Big Blogger.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, I'm feeling better, thanks.

I heard someone on TV say 'happy as a pig in sh*t' a couple hours after I wrote that. Psychic, I am.

Thanks, I am better. I couldn't resist the 'Little Pony' thingy, after seeing that picture on Cazzie's blog.

Big Blogger,
WooHoo! I loves me some extra points!!!

7:43 PM  

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