Friday, December 02, 2005

Don't Encourage Them

Some of my students have been trying awfully hard to get attention
lately. And not the good kind. Let's's a list, with no rhyme
or reason.

BooHooNews-my substitute during my jury duty-call made one of
my boys cry. Apparently, he had lied about doing his Language,
and was found doodling away like Rebrandt Picasso Van Gogh.
Another kid asked him today, "Why did you cry? Were you afraid
he was going to get you in a lot of trouble?" And the crybaby replied,
"No. I was embarrassed because I got caught." Props to him for
being honest, I guess.

SubStrikeTwo-indeed, my best substitute struck again in another
class. Seems a girl was writing and then passing a paper to another.
He asked, "What have you got there?" She told him she was just
writing a song. He said, "Come up here and sing it for us." She
came to the front of the room, and sung/talked her 'lyrics'. I believe
some of the phrases he told me were "he can pat my butt/I'll pat his
butt/he can pat my boob." Then he took the paper and read it.
"Why did you leave out these parts?" he asked. Even the kids
wouldn't tell me what they said. He wrote up a discipline form
and sent her to the office. According to the kids (narcs) she said
she has seizures sometimes, and that's what made her do it. Hmm.
She won't be back in my class until Tuesday. I'm going to enter
the room and say, "It sure is quiet. We need some music. Does
anybody know a good song? Anybody? How about YOU, Little
Miss Lyric-Writer? Have you heard any good songs lately?"

SnackBarGate-some members of a sports team broke into the
snack bar and helped themselves to some soda and candy and
Gatorade. One confessed to taking 19 items. They have been
doing the time for the crime in ISS. I don't have any of the players
that were guilty, but the manager is mine. Shame, shame.

If the tag's in it, you must acquit-one of the girls put on her coat
near the end of class. Another one said, "What's that?" She took
it off to look. "Oh, that's just the price tag. I always leave the price
tag in, because then I can take it back to Wal-mart and exchange
it for a new one when I'm tired of it."

I wonder if they're all "middle children."


Blogger Melina said...

Wow what a sub! I hate having a sub (teacher too!) I feel like my kids have an alter ego, I read the reports and I question the kids and sometimes it was spurred by something horrendous that the sub did but sometimes the kids just shrug and explain their hellish behavior with, "Well you weren't here! what was I supposed to do?" Which scares me because I teach seniors and I'm unleashing them upon the world!

7:43 AM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

"The seizures made me do it!" - that's even better than "the dog ate my homework." Kids these days, always having to think up new excuses.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

It's amazing. They act like "anything goes" if a sub is there. Like all rules are temporarily suspended.

Yeah, that was a new one for me, too.
At least the boy had the manners to cry when he was caught drawing.

8:32 PM  
Blogger MrsCoach2U said...

Mr. Coach once had a sub, the kids asked him the next day if his wife was a bitch all the time or just when around kids. He just looked at them funny (it was like the 4th day of school and nobody knew me) and asked how they knew me. They said "she was here yesterday in your place". It's his cousins wife....her name ends with a Y and mine ends with an A but the rest is the same!!!! TOOO FUNNY! Because she really is a bitch! Although, now that I think about it, I don't remember him telling them I WASN'T!

8:17 AM  

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