Monday, April 03, 2006

Don't Seek Shelter at McDonalds in a Tornado

OK, so it wasn't exactly a tornado according to the news. But it
was close enough. We had 8 trees down between here and town.
Only one was by the roots. The others were broken off about 1-2
feet from the ground. They were not all rotten trees, either. Have
you ever tried to break off a tree 1-2 feet from the ground? Me
neither. But I think it would probably be kind of difficult. We had
a metal yard chair go sailing 20 feet down the porch, until the end
rail stopped it. The other 4 metal chairs didn't move. #2 son and
I had just started for the basement, because my Hillbilly Mama
called and said to 'watch the weather'. I wasn't even off the steps
when the crashing of the chair bouncing along the front wall came
to my attention. It blew our long 3-person plastic bench up and
over the rail into the side yard, and blew a toy wheelbarrow out
from under the porch, smashing it to bits. Some flashing blew off
the garage, and (gasp!) some of our Christmas lights blew off.
We leave them up year-round, you know. That's the custom in
the parts, part of the redneck culture.

This morning, I asked one of my DoNots, who works at the
local McDonalds:

Hey, Airhead Girl! Were you working when the roof blew off
motel yesterday?
Did you see it?
What'd you do, holler, "Hey! The roof just blew off the motel!"?
I DID! How did you know that?
And I bet everyone just said, "Oh, Airhead Girl! You're so silly!"
That's what they DID!
What did you do, tell the people where to go to be safe?
Our manager was freaking out! She's only about 17.
Did you all go in the freezer?
No! We didn't know WHAT to do!
Don't you have training on that kind of stuff?
Well, we saw all these people pulling in because they didn't have
anywhere to go, so we locked all the doors.
You locked them out in the storm?
Yeah. Well, they kept banging on the door, so we let them in.
Then we all went to the storeroom. There were about 6 little girls
in there crying.
I guess so.
It was crazy.

This motel is diagonal from McDonalds at the stoplight. The whole
roof blew off one wing of the motel. I can imagine this 14-year-old
(yes, McDonalds hired her) telling people the roof blew off, and
them thinking she's being her usual dingy self.

Don't seek shelter at McDonalds, people. They will lock you out!


Blogger Redneck Diva said...

Locked out of McDonald's......only in my dreams.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Our McDonald's now has a port-a-potty. Yes, it's true. A johnny-on-the-spot. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it? They are remodeling the store, and the bathrooms are first. I'm not so sure those kids wash their hands in a REAL bathroom. I can imagine in a port-a-potty. One kid says it has running water. I'm not going there. To McDonald's OR the port-a-potty.

6:11 PM  

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