Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Allergy Tick Heat Fire

There is nothing going on at the Mansion today. No rocks. No
lottery. No cabana boys. No poopies.

We had to get up early to take #1 son to an allergy specialist. He
went in the Spring, and this was a follow-up. I knew it would be
a "Pay your $40 so I can tell you he is fine" kind of visit. It was
supposedly to see if he is allergic to grass pollen. Since the doctor
decided not to do the skin test thingy in May, I don't really think
we needed to go back. He says to bring him back in September
to see about ragweed, but I know he's allergic to ragweed because
he gets snottier around that time, with red eyes. WooHoo! I'm an
allergist! I think I'm going to cancel that appointment, because all
the doctor will do is tell him to keep taking the Zyrtec and add
the Nasonex at night until the flare-up is over. Hmm...I could
have saved a lot of money if I had done HH's cervical disc
surgery at home. Or I could have billed him, and had more
lottery money. Hillbilly Mom, Allergist and Neurosurgeon.

#2 son has been busy this summer with his tick farm. Uh huh.
He raises them on his own blood. Those little parasites eat him
up. I can't stand to pull them out. HH puts alcohol on a paper
towel and holds it over the tick until it lets go. It takes less than
a minute. That's what HH is good at: removing ticks and cleaning
up vomit. He's an all-star. Today's tick fooled them. It was a
splinter, not a tick. Poor kid. He needs to be coated in shrink-
wrap or something. But with a hole to breathe.

It was so hot today that those poopies did not even tear up
anything. They just laid under the truck and weakly wagged
their tails. They had plenty of drinking water. They could have
gone down to romp in the creek. But NOOO! They were too
lazy for that. The cats don't mind the heat at all. They'll even
stay in the garage attic, where it's about 120 degrees.

Right now, HH and the boys have gone to buy fireworks. Because
by cracky, nothing is better on a 100-degree day than lighting
devices that shoot out flames and smoke! Which reminds me,
I have to buy our fire tags for the upcoming year. They expire
June 30. For anybody who doesn't know what that is...if you
live in the middle of nowhere, you have to depend on the rural
fire department to snuff out the blaze if you accidentally set you
property on fire. If you don't buy a fire tag, they will respond,
but will stand by and watch it burn. If it is going to get out of
control and burn other people's property, they will put it out
...and then bill you for the actual cost of fighting the fire. Which
I guarantee you don't want to pay, because it's in the thousands
of dollars. The fire tag is $60 per year, which is not too bad,
except we have land in two different locations. The 10 acres
we just bought from the LandStealer last year should not be
extra, in my opinion, because it adjoins our 10 acres with the
house and barn. There is no limit on what size property you
have for the $60 fire tag.

They have now returned, and the plan is to go get a load of rocks
from the creek. No, not those kind of rocks. River rock to put
around the edge of the pool. Because we're landscapers, by cracky!
I just love that expression. I stole it from Redneck Diva.
I don't think she knows it's missing. Shh...don't tell.

If anything of interest occurs tomorrow, I'll be sure to let you
know. I don't have much hope for it, myself.


Blogger LanternLight said...

If you don't buy a fire tag, they will respond, but will stand by and watch it burn.

But can't you say the tag burnt in the fire???

9:06 PM  
Blogger MrsCoach2U said...

Our local FD is 8 men, 6 of them are family members. I'd bet if our place ever caught fire it would be BECAUSE of one of them!

8:25 AM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

We have lived here for 5 years and still have yet to find out for sure which fire district we're in. I'm thinking we're in Miami's since we're in their school district. Plus, the neighbors on the other side of the road, who are in the Fairland school district, get the yearly visit from the Fairland volunteer firefighters wanting them to pay their dues. No one has ever visited us about dues, so I'm guessing we're going to be taken care of by the city-paid department. I hope anyway. I should probably look into that...since July 3rd's coming up.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Even here in Podunkville, they keep computer records of who has paid. Nice try, though. Glad to see you're always looking out for my best interests, even if it includes lying to emergency workers.

We had a big brouhaha over a local fire dept. at election time. Seems several of the same family controlled it, and bought many things at Wal*Mart for the firehouse which never showed up there. Allegedly.

Now I've got a July 3 phobia. You might want to check into that. I found out all my stuff when the neighbors' teenage daughter caught the woods on fire burning trash in their 55-gallon barrel. The woods that are 20 feet from my cedar house, with a wooden playset in between. I had to call HH home from the bowling alley. He said if it looked like we were going to catch fire, to call 911. The neighbor had called to warn me to get out of the house, and her husband was trying to contain the blaze with a shovel and a garden hose. Luckily the wind shifted, and he only burned his own woods. They DID NOT have a fire tag, which is why she told me how he was working to put it out. They did not want 911 called. My kids were 5 months old and 3 years old at the time. Talk about a pain in the butt, standing outside holding a baby in one arm, and a phone in the other, with a toddler clinging to my leg. I'm sure you know how THAT feels!

3:16 PM  

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