Monday, July 03, 2006

Big Blogger 2 Mystery

A crime has been committed at the Big Blogger 2 cyberhouse.
I don't know what it was, but I love a good mystery. Unless I am
the only one that is tricked, because then my ego couldn't take it.

Anybody can try to solve the mystery. In fact, for every guess,
Big Blogger will give us another clue. Put on your thinking caps.
You have one, don't you? I have two, a giant pink flamingo, also
known a the Royal Crown of Hillmomba, and my Coors Light
bat tab. That's why I'm so smart. Two thinking caps. But enough
about me. Not really, there's never enough about me, but I must
go on with what I have to say. No guess is too outrageous. It will
give us a clue, people! Pitch in. Here's what we know, courtesy
of Big Blogger herself:

Last night, someone broke into the Cyberhouse and undertook a
crime. That person was Big Blogger. The crime? Well that is
something for you all to work out.

You have until Wednesday to work out what it is I have done
in the house. Your clues are;

  • It is a revenge crime.
  • It is a simple, but diabolical crime.
  • It is a crime that will have all of the Cyberhousemates
  • pointing the finger of blame at each other.
  • This crime will get your day off to a bad start.

The first Cyberhousemate to work out what the crime is, will get
a 20% increase on their overall votes. If someone who is not a
Cyberhousemate works out what it is I have done, they get to
nominate which Cyberhousemate gets a 10% increase in their
total number of votes.

Each time somone leaves a comment, suggesting what it is I have
done, I will leave another clue.

Visit the Big Blogger 2 official site. Take a guess. Don't cost nothin'!
And if you care to vote for who should not be eliminated from the
cyberhouse this week, cast a vote by scrolling down to Elimination
#8. Thanks to those of you who already voted for me. I'm almost
certain that Alaska vote came from Lessa. Thanks, buddy! The
others, hmm...looks like maybe the Okies have taken up the cause.
Is that an insult to you guys, calling you Okies? Cause I don't want
to be politically incorrect, because Mrs. Coach might not buy us all
a free round of Sweet Beavers, and Redneck Diva would not share
Carlos the Cabana Boy with me, and Stacie would admit the truth
about my creek rocks, even though I know she has been trying to
spare my feelings all this time. The other vote looks like it could be
from the Bean in Kansas City, but I think she's been too busy with
living her stranger-than-fiction life than to vote for me, in which case
it could be the St. Louis area, which could mean JustLinda, though
she has been busy trying to impress her nanny,
and using pop rocks and pr0n on her husband's birthday. Or
Colleen, but she has been on vacation. Shh...don't tell anybody.
Then again, it could be my buddy Mabel, who has gone missing
again. I am tempted to give myself a vote just to see where it lands
on the map. If I get desperate, I will. To vote, or look at the map,
go to Big Blogger 2 and scroll down to the Nomination #8 post.

Because I love a mystery so much, I am getting this done in time
to watch my precious Treasure Hunters show tonight. Last week,
I even knew that code from Lewis and Clark, though the show
didn't let us figure out the code for ourselves. I wasn't even
wearing my thinking caps. Of course, we here in Missouri get
a big dose of Lewis and Clark during 5th grade, so my #1 son
had a book I'd gotten him with lots of good junk in it, including
that code President Jefferson sent them.

I must go solve some mysteries. But not in a Scooby Doo way.


Blogger Lessa said...

Why yes, yes, that Alaskan vote was from me. *g* welcome!

12:57 AM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

I truly appreciate your visits to the mansion.

8:18 PM  
Blogger JustLinda said...

Busy, busy, busy... I was just a busy little beaver *yes I did just say that* ...

Thanks for the linky-love (I just learned that term and plan to use it every chance I get).

7:46 PM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

We Okies are never offended by being called Okies. It's when you call us Texans that we get pissed.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Busy beaver, Sweet and Mrs. Coach need to take a comedy show on the road. Linky is as linky does, Mama always used to say.

I'll make a Note to Self.

6:32 PM  

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