Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nothing to Say Here

Not much to report today. The creeks are up, so we had to come
home by our third of four routes. The water had been up and over
those two bridges, too, but had receded. Guess what we saw? No,
not a flotilla of handbaskets on their merry way to You-know-where.
We saw an owl swoop down and land beside the fast-flowing water.
What was HE thinking? There were no fish washed up there. He
stood on some soggy leaves and turned to look at us. We were
only about 5 feet away. He turned his head around backwards,
which pleased #1 son immensely. I guess he didn't like what he saw,
because he flew up over the car to perch in a tree. I don't know my
owls, but he was brownish-gray with lighter colored circles around
his big ol' eyes. But I guess all owls have big eyes. I asked #1 son if
he thought it was a barn owl, and he said, "No. Barn owls are white."
I don't know if they really are, or if he was just acting superior.

It took us 3 hours to get home today. Not because of the water.
Because #1 son is an absent-minded professor. First, he forgot
that he had Math Club after school. He rode the bus to my school,
and from there I had to drive him back to the elementary. #2 and
I cooled our heels at my Hillbilly Mama's house while we waited.
No, our heels weren't hot. That's just an expression that I don't
understand, so I thought I'd better use it. We dropped off three
bags of clothes for Goodwill. My Hillbilly Mama has a friend with
grandkids about my boys' ages, and she likes to go through them
first. My boys are not hard on their clothes. They are lazy little
bums who outgrow them before they wear them out. We went
back and picked up #1 at 4:30. After we were out on the highway
(don't get excited--it's a two-lane 55 mph highway) he mentioned
that he left his packet of Math Contest practice sheets in the
classroom. So we went back to waste 15 minutes. Of course
we had to stop by Citgo for a Pink Lemonade Diet Coke, since
I am still punishing Sonic for their drive-thru-speaker-repair

On the work front, we had inservice for a half-day yesterday.
It looks like next year I will be teaching Math and Communication
Arts to students who score low in those areas on the MAP test.
That's a Missouri test to see if they have learned specific items
that the state wants them to learn. I will have two 9th grade classes
and two 7th grade and one 8th grade. 6th grade?
They are just not my cup of tea. In fact, I do not like tea of any
kind. I don't mind teaching these kids, because, HELLO! That's
what I do now, but with 4 grade levels and 4 different subjects
going on at once. I just don't do a formal lesson in my 16-ring
circus. In fact, this set-up will be easier for me.

Speaking of school, I have issues with a youngster at middle
school. Why must boys play pocket pool day in and day out,
every minute of every day? Oh, and this one little fellow does
not even have the grace to do it with his hands in his pockets.
Great Googley Moogley, Boy! Do you think nobody notices?
Quit diggin' down there! I told my teaching buddy Not-Mabel
that you act like you've got two of them, all tangled up. Or a
coiled-up 2-footer. Might you need some ointment to ease the
itching? Stop, for the love of Gummi Mary! Just STOP! This
now ends the public service announcement.

I will leave you with a true tale told by another teaching buddy,
Also-Not-Mabel. Seems she was readying some study materials
and her grade-school daughter saw a diagram of the lymph
system, which showed a man's breasts. "Oooh! That's disgusting!"
she told her mother. Also-Not-Mabel explained about the glands,
and how things work, and that's it's just a part of the body. Then
the daughter reported the following conversation with her little
friend, Not-Also-Not-Mabel's-Daughter:

NANMD: You know that thing that a man and woman do to have
a baby?
ANMD: Yeah.
NANMD: Well, you're not gonna believe this, but my mom and
dad do that for fun!!!!
ANMD: Eewww! How do you know?
NANMD: I walked in on them while they were doing it.
ANMD: Eewww! Well I KNOW that MY mom and dad would


Blogger Chickadee said...

Yea, I had seen that several counties to the south of us were under flash flood warnings. You probably got a lot of the rain that us city folk didn't get.

That sounds like that may have been a Barred Owl. Barred Owls hang out around water...they like to eat snakes and other creatures that hang around water.

Here's a link with pictures!

If not, maybe it was Great Horned can look up that picture too on the same website.

I'm a bird nerd ya know and I love to spread the knowledge. I'm actually jealous that you got to see them...owls are somewhat difficult to find/see during the day.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

I looked through all the owls on that site, but couldn't find one that looked like it. Its body was grayer than the Barred Owl, and the rings were just around its eyes, not its whole face.

It had no ear tufts, so that leaves out the Great Horned Owl, though its body was more that color, without the tan color.

The closest I could find to its face was the Spotted Owl, which I know is not in this area, and it had no white on its feathers. Its eyes had more individual circles.

Now I'll be looking for it again. #1 son was reaching for the cell phone to take a picture of it when it flew away.
Its wingspan looked like about 24 inches. It was about 5:30 when we saw it, and getting dark because of the rain clouds.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Hi Hillbilly Mom,
I thik the owl was the little known "Real Pretty Hillbilly Owl". They don't live in trees, they drive SVU's.
Sonic will be up and running again soon. We got the right parts, but then we got distracted by a cute little dog, and forgot about repairing the speaker.

12:05 AM  
Blogger Stacie said...

I like the conversation between the two kids. Our life has become more simple since the day we explained the birds and the bees to our daughter. Now she doesn't come banging on our bedroom door yelling "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE? UNLOCK THE DOOR AND LET ME IN!" She tries the door and if it's locked, she either goes outside to the neighbors or comes into the living room and turns the TV on real loud. Works like a charm, even if all we're doing is discussing her or trying to take a nap.

6:15 PM  

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