Wednesday, May 31, 2006

No Camping Here

Hillbilly Mom is not a happy camper. In fact, Hillbilly Mom is not
a camper at all, even though she has a 5th-wheel camper parked
in her front yard. It is all part of the image, like the Christmas lights
that adorn the Mansion year round.

Today, I went to give my Hillbilly Mama a birthday card and a
cake. The boys stayed with her to party, and I continued to run
errands, such as paying for the Mansion, buying Powerball tickets,
and picking up prescriptions.

I would get better service from the local meth dealers than I do
from my pharmacy. Last month, they charged me $45 for a
prescription that is usually $25. When I questioned it, they said
my insurance list of preferred drugs had changed. I believed them.
Then today, I saw that they had charged me $25 as usual. They
could not explain it...could not look it up on their computer
because, oh, wouldn't you know, it locked up and logged off.

Did I mention that this happened while they were trying to give
me a $92.25 CREDIT on my debit card? Seems they had filled
my prescription wrong, for 90 pills instead of 30. Not to mention
that the 30 pills usually cost, yes, $25. So why do 3 times that
many not cost $75? What's with the $92.25?

The kindly old lady had to come off her lunch break to help them
correct the problem, and they ended up giving me cash, because,
oh, the computer said my debit card was INVALID and wouldn't
give me credit. Funny how it wasn't invalid when they charged me
$170.25 for the 4 prescriptions I picked up. Now I fear they have
messed up my debit card.

Oh, and when I said, "Well, I still need 30 of those pills" like it said
on the prescription I renewed, they said, "That'll be $34.25." What?
I refused to pay until the little guy asked the pharmacy tech if my
insurance had changed the amount. She said, "Oh. I didn't know
she had insurance." DUH! They used the insurance on the other
3 prescriptions!

It is a miracle that they haven't killed me with the wrong pills. And
it's not even the good stuff, like fake Vicodin or real Histinex! It's
just boring blood pressure stuff and #1 son's Zyrtec for his allergies,
and medicine for my goiter. Heh heh. I know there's one of you
that likes that word. Goiter. Goiter, goiter, goiter! I'll have to watch my bank statement that I get in 30
days, and see how much they really charged me. And when I call
in my refill, they'll probably tell me "NO, YOU GOT 90 PILLS
LAST TIME." Which they did on a different prescription two
months ago.

I know. This was confusing. But I know what I'm talking about.
I doggone near needed some extra blood pressure medicine after
30 minutes of trying to straighten this out.

Don't ever be insured on two policies, people. Because it seems
like you are punished by paying way more than the people who
get their meds for free. The kids at school say they have no
trouble at all getting their prescriptions and doctors and oh, yes...
ER visits for free. And they take advantage of it too, going to the
ER if they need a doctor's excuse so they don't get kicked out
for missing too many days.

I am fixing up my handbasket.


Blogger Chickadee said...

Oh man. I can take a guess which pharmacy you're talking about. Does it begin with a W???

Like you said in a previous post. It's not rocket science people.

I would be nervous taking those pills too. Who knows what kind of stuff they stuck in that bottle.

9:08 PM  
Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Yeah, I hear ya...gotta watch your statements like a Hawke here too. Your pharmacy sounds as bad as your postal people when they screw up your deliveries and upset your lovely little boys there.
People take advantage of our ER too, and with the cold snap in the weather here at night, the ER was OH SOOOOO BUSY, infact, the busiest I have seen it in a few years.

9:27 PM  
Blogger LanternLight said...

People take advantage of our ER too, and with the cold snap in the weather here at night, the ER was OH SOOOOO BUSY

Boils down to people just being SOFT FAT CHICKENS

10:48 PM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Hi Hillbilly Mom,
I say ditch you chemist, and just make your own. We all know it is not really a swimming pool you got, but it is really a mxing vat for your hillbilly meth.

Oh and Happy Birthday to the old bird too.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

Maybe you should use our pharmacy - it starts with a W, but it's all good. They bend over backwards to help out - remember back when KD had THE FLU? The pharmacist met Mr. Diva in the parking lot! That's service, people.

Just go take a nice refreshingly cool dip in your pool and swim your frustrations away. I, however, will go get my big toe wet and just dip my frustrations away in our $28 Wal*Mart blow up "Family Swim Center" because that's all that will fit in it - my big toe. And 8 children. That was a really poorly written sentence. Yeesh. I need more coffee.

8:34 AM  
Blogger deadpanann said...

I think it's just more proof that we should kill all the poor people.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

Wait! I'm one of those poor people!! Anne, let's rethink this, for the love of Gummi Mary!


2:51 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Strangely enough, no. I left the pharmacy that begins with a W right after they gave me #1 son's Zyrtec syrup. Or so I thought. When I went to give it to him, the label said some woman's name, and a medicine I was not familiar with. I took it back, and they gave me ATTITUDE. "Well, it's the RIGHT medicine. Only the LABEL is wrong." WTF! Suppose the label had been right, and the medicine was wrong! He was only 6. Turns out the label was for some type of blood pressure medicine. This new pharmacy starts with a U, but it used to M, before they changed their name last summer. There's a whole chain of them down here.

Don't get me started on those Unqualified People Shipping folks again!

I must agree. They're really being FAT FIRE HOSES.

What are you...psychic? I need the meth income to pay for prescription drugs. The old bird is now 73, and still kickin'.

Yes, you have better W people there than we have. It's so nice that you can put the young 'uns in a pool. Our daycare used to have a little pool, but the doggone child care regulators or whatever their thingy is called says now you have to have chlorine and some idiotic health code. Now she uses buckets and waterguns and dippers.

Miss Ann,
Let me alter that to "kill all the LAZY people".

Don't go gettin' your creeping panties that you're going to throw away at the ball field in a wad. No need to invoke my Gummi Mary.

I don't begrudge working people their free medicine or free cheese. But I mean people who have real jobs, not like roofing for cash to avoid paying child support. Also, I do not like hearing the students tell me about how they took their tax refund and put in a pool, or bought a big screen TV, or bought a new Hemi truck. They move every 2 or 3 months to avoid paying rent. Some of these people get such gigantic refunds, I don't know how they do it. HH and I pay as much in taxes as two of these families put together earn in a year. And what we save is taxed again because of the interest. My kids wear Wal*Mart clothes and shoes. These kids wear brand name stuff. They get free breakfast and free lunch. These students go spouting off like it's their RIGHT to have these things. They used to act that way about welfare money, until Missouri put that lifetime cap on how much you could draw. At least that made some of the folks get out and work for cash. Even if it was selling meth. I just can't deal with these kids saying "My mom never worked. She stayed home with me. My wife's never gonna work." Duh. Why should she, if you get more free stuff if she doesn't?

That is my soapbox today. I'm not saying they should pay taxes equal to mine, or the same amount of health insurance I pay. I want a flat tax, and I want everyone to pay a flat percent for health insurance. Then they can do what they want with their money left over. And I say "Free cheese for all!"

3:40 PM  

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