Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hillbilly Mom Smells!

That title didn't turn out quite like I had planned. I can smell again!
Cazzie left me a comment that yellow chunks of snot mean a
bacterial infection, so I called my doctor for some antibiotics.
Because I always rely on blog comments for my healthcare needs.
I am now the proud owner of an Azithromax 5-day pill pack, and
am on the road to recovery.

I am also a confirmed liar now. About two hours after posting my
bon voyage to the Poopies, my Hillbilly Husband and oldest son
declared their misplaced love for them, and their banishment was
rescinded. HH wanted to keep Ann. His reason: she and her
timid brother, Cubby, chased the neighbor's Lab down into the
woods, under the fence, and back to his trailer home next door.
They were baying like he was a fox and they were the hounds.
#1 son says, "She comes to ME, Mom. I want to keep her."

This did not set well with me, as I was already in the process of
getting rid of them. I'd done my research on the shelter, picked
out their replacements. AND, two miles from home, HH had
called and said he saw 4 beagle pups that had been dumped at
a neighbor's driveway. So I thought the signs were good that is
was time for the Poopies to go. But nooooo!

#2 son is not happy. He would much rather have a puppy than
a Poopie. HH says to call and make Ann's spaying appointment,
and drag her to the vet. He says we might as well keep Cubby,
that we don't have to get him neutered right away. I know I can't
drag them both to the vet on the same trip. #1 son says Ann
would miss Cubby too much if we gave him away. That is true.
She can't stand to have him out of her sight. #1 trapped Ann
this morning on the porch, and I fed her part of an old hot dog.
Only the best grub for my Poopies! Hey! It was all-beef. She had
to share with Grizzly, but Cubby laid by the telephone line's
shallow grave and watched. After about 4 bites, he ran under
the porch. Ann got up and went after him. She herded him back
to the yard, then came back for more of her delicious snack.

One thing I'll say for those Poopies is that they're territorial. They
do not allow intruders onto the grounds of the Mansion. Four-
legged intruders, anyway. I have been searching for creatures
that look like them, and the best I can tell, they are a Black Lab,
Black German Shepherd mix. Their fur is so black it is almost
blue. It is kind of long and stiff, not short and sleek like a Lab.
The ears are going to be pointy like a shepherd, but are not pointy
enough. They have a touch of tan fur behind their shoulders and
around their neck, and between their toes, like a shepherd. They
are FULL of energy, like those annoying Labs our neighbor has
had who carry off our ceramic rabbits, squirrels, and turtles, and
who ripped the pump from the Redneck Fish Pond after taking a
dip amongst the giant goldfish.

Here are some pictures to compare. Perhaps you can tell if they
look like the shepherd/lab mix.

Here are our Poopies when
they found us. They looked
like little bear cubs.

Here are some 4 week old
German Shepherd pups.
They have the different
coloring, but their faces
look the same.

Another German Shepherd
puppy. Black.

Our wet Ann, with her ears
down, afraid of tonight's
thunderstorm. So afraid,
she came to us.

A black German Shepherd

Anyhoo, they don't look like Lab puppies, and they don't look
like Chows. Thank the Gummi Mary! Someone told me Chows
have black tongues. My poopies have black spots on their tongues.
Which I read on the good ol' internet that German Shepherds can spots on their tongues.

We are keeping the yappy little freeloaders. I am not a traitor
any longer.


Blogger Redneck Diva said...

Hmh....she doesn't look like my Jake - he's a Lab/Chow. Her nose is too pointy. Hmh....well, I for one am OH SO CLUELESS. Write that down. It rarely happens.


10:55 PM  
Blogger MrsCoach2U said...

We used to have a dog similar looking to the Poopies, Mo was a shepard/chow mix. Might be how you get rough hair instead of sleek like a lab!

1:16 PM  
Blogger aka_monty said...

Now I miss my puppies even more...*sigh*
But LOOOKIE at those cute little faces! :)

THANKS EVER SO for playing the Genuine game with me!!! *hug*

4:33 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

I checked out some pictures of the Lab/Chow combo. You're right about the nose. I marked my calender for Diva Cluelessness.

I thought of the Chow first, because of the tongue-spots issue. But the pictures didn't look like mine.

I know you're missing your four-legged friends. All fingers point to your neighbor. On the Fox2 St. Louis news this morning, they mentioned a St. Louis dog who disappeared from the backyard, and was found months later in Illinois. Since he had to cross the Mississippi, they figure someone snatched him and drove him across. The owner found him by checking the lost and found in the newpaper every day for months.

You're welcome. I'm all about the games. Any time you want to be proud and sh*tty, I'm there.

6:50 PM  

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