Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dead Bird Live Pony

No. That was not the supper menu at the Mansion tonight.

I was reading akaMonty's tale of a day in her life, and it gave
me the most scathingly brilliant idea! Oops! That was Hayley
Mills in The Trouble With Angels. But it really did remind me
of days in my life. Go check it out. Don't cost nothin'.

The picture of Sammy the Squirrel looks OH SO MUCH like a
bird that we had at the middle school. Every day, my boys rode
the bus over there from their elementary so they could ride home
with me. As we walked out to the parking lot, #2 son always
tightrope-walked along a concrete wall, then jumped down into
the parking lot. Except he wanted to grab onto my arm to break
the fall.

During autumn, leaves had begun to cover the blacktop. One day,
as I walked to the jumping-off area, I felt a 'CRUNCH' beneath
my foot. "EEEWWW! What was that?" #2 son, ever the scientist,
ran over and kicked away some leaves. "That's a DEAD BIRD,
Mom! You crushed its bones!" Yeah, blame Hillbilly Mom for all
things dead on a parking lot. "Oh, honey...I'm sure it was dead
before I stepped on it." He walked on to the car, yelling over his
shoulder, "You mean before you CRUSHED ITS BONES!"
#2 son jumped down from the wall and poked at the corpse with
his toe. "Mom stepped on a dead bird! Mom stepped on a dead
bird!" He was practically singing it.

Every day they had to remind me. They yelled to any colleagues
in the parking lot, "Mom stepped on a dead bird." As the seasons
passed, the bird remained. I can't believe people living around
the school had no cats to carry home such a prized gift. The bird
went through the stages of decomposure. By spring, mostly bones
and some feathers were left. It still had its birdy shape, but was
dry and leathery. And then one day it was gone, the skin and
bones ground to dust, powdered down into the blacktop surface.

And even this year, about twice a week, the kids had to say,
"Hey Mom! Remember the time you stepped on that dead bird?"
Ahh...good times.

The other memory was sparked by the pony picture. Yesterday,
as we returned from town with my precious Sonic Cherry Diet
Coke, we passed the neighbor's barn. Their pony was lying out
back. It was around 1:00.

I hope Pony is all right. They don't usually lie down like that.
Oh, Mom. According to you, he has been a pony for the
last three years!
Umm...yeah. What are you saying?
He can't be a PONY for three years! It's like Dad and the goats.
What do you think a pony is?
A baby horse.
No. That would be a foal, or a colt, or a filly. A pony is more like
a smaller version of a horse. They don't get any bigger.
Dad did say he was getting three baby goats from his friend to
eat the brush.
That was a couple years ago. They probably died of old age
by now.

I won't even go into my Sonic Cherry Diet Coke issues today.


Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Dontcha just love it when the kids rehash old stories like that??? Like the time the caught You (Mum)and Dad playing horsey in the bedroom mand they have to retell the story to the most dignified of guest..if you choose a door knockin' Morman to be that dignified guest, LOL.
Guess its not a horsey it s a pony...WHATEVER.....
"Sonic Cherry Diet Coke", is that drink for real is it? Sounds devine. :)

9:05 PM  
Blogger LanternLight said...

"Dead Bird Live Pony"

Here's me thinking it's a dang Country song but noooo....
(couldn't imagine Dolly singing that).

"You mean before you CRUSHED ITS BONES!"

That had me LMAO, and why, yes it has been that sort of week. Why do you ask?

10:33 PM  
Blogger aka_monty said...

:) It's like House Of Crack.
I gotta have it.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, like in the restaurant a couple weeks ago when my 8-year-old shouted "Because you sleep with Dad almost every night!" Great Googley Moogley, woman! Of course Sonic Cherry Diet Coke is real! I have been having some issues with the Sonic this week. Perhaps I can bring myself to tell you all about it.

That would make a great country song. My Dolly could sing the phone book and I'd buy it.

Hillbilly Mom is not a petite woman. Any critter I step on, I crush its bones. Well...except the daycare lady's Boston Terrier, Bostie, who survived to tell the tale. He screamed like a woman, though.

Indeed, like meth for rednecks, and Mountain Dew for young 'uns, Sonic is like crack for Hillbilly Mom.

11:58 PM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

If Sonic ever goes under I cannot guarantee that I will not kill myself.

While the drinks are indeed divine, the food ain't too shabby either. I loves me some Jumbo Popcorn Chicken and a big ol' Diet Coke (minus the cherry - I'll save all of that for you).... heaven.

House of crack for sure.

11:36 AM  

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