Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lucky Little Devil

I had a wonderful post for you concerning my lottery luck for today.
Then we had a big-a$ storm, and I crashed. As in 'improper
shutdown' kind of crash, with dear sweet Blogger unable to recover
my post after 2 hours.

We had 80 mph winds. When the TV came back on, I watched
the St. Louis footage. It looked like hurricane winds. Siding was
blowing off of houses. Trees were rolling down the street. Freaky.
HH and #1 were at Wal*Mart. They had just started home when
the power went out. HH called to ask if the weather was bad,
because "the sky is black dark here." Duh. He drove right into it
coming home. I told him to get home quick, there was a tornado
coming. Which is pretty much what the news told me, what with
' a strong cell with rotation and winds in excess of 80 mph headed
south at 40 mph.' Yeah. It moved in a freaky direction this time.

According to #1 son, who has some common sense, a tree
blocked the road about a mile and a half from home. HH stopped
and tried to lift it with another man. They couldn't budge it. Then
another man and two teenage boys stopped. The two boys picked
it up and tossed it to the side of the road, and all continued on their
ways. Ahh...the power of youth.

I had taken our standard emergency measures when the power
went off. First, find the flashlight. I have one that hangs under my
computer desk. Gone. That was my fault. The last time the power
went off, I took it into the TV room. I knew right where it was.
Or did. Until my Hillbilly Mama had been to the house to keep
the boys while I went to the doctor with the Cefprozil rash.
Flashlights disappear as fast as scissors around the Mansion.
I grabbed a wall-mounted emergency light and unplugged it to
carry around. HH had a wild hair up his butt a while back and
bought about 10 of the things. They work. Bring #2 son to the
basement. Done, because he had just come down to ask me
something when the power went off. Check the radio for weather. was missing, too. Lucky for us the power came
back on. I checked the TV for weather. Open HH's 'safe room',
the concrete room where he stores his treasures. Gave the #2 son
a light plucked out of the wall, and told him if I didn't come back
to go in the safe room. He whimpered a little bit. Bring purse and
money stash and medicines to the basement. Call Hillbilly Mama
to warn her bad weather is headed her way. We were set.

HH and #1 arrived. HH moved the metal chairs off the porch so
they didn't sail through the windows. He came to the basement
and went to look out the back door. He let in poor whimpering
Grizzly, who is deathly afraid of storms. This was the first time
we ever let him in. He was in doggie heaven. He whimpered and
crept around low to the ground, begging to be petted. HH is kind
of soft-hearted once in a blue moon. Grizzly thinks HH is a god.

After looking out the back door some more, HH discovered
that #1's air mattress blew out of the pool. We wondered if the
neighbors over on the back entrance saw it sail by. I personally
think we'll find the front yard, shredded by the poopies.
The poopies we did not let into the house, because Ann pees
when she's nervous.

We weathered the storm. We haven't lost power. Yet. I am
optimistic. It's going to be 102 degrees tomorrow. If it goes off,
we are going to watch every movie that is showing in town.
Because I can't take the heat.

And now for my original post:

Here's the high point. My #2 son is a freakin' wizard at picking
scratch-off tickets. Last week, he won $20 twice on the same
kind of $2 tickets. Today, he whimpered for a different kind, and
it was a $20 winner. Unfortunately, I gave it to the #1 son to
scratch, and #2 got his nose out of joint. So I promised him
another ticket when I stopped for ice.

I told him he could pick out one ticket. Just look in the case, and
tell me the one he wanted most. Of course he chose a $10 ticket.
That was OK. I cashed in the $20 winner. There were two rolls
of the ticket he wanted, so I had to ask him to specify. He didn't
hesitate. "That one." Then below it, he saw another kind. "Mom,
that is another new game." He didn't ask, so I got it for him. And
I got another of the kind we'd just won with.

That lucky little devil won $15 on the ticket he chose, and another
$2 on the extra one I got him. The other one I gave to #1 son to
scratch again. He won $15. In case you prefer not to do the math,
let me break it down for you.

I cashed in $14 of winners and bought the first tickets.
Bought $10 worth of tickets: won $20.
I cashed in that winner.
Bought $19 worth of tickets: won $32.
That's no money out of pocket, resulting in $52 into my pocket.

OK, so I put the $20 back into tickets. We still have $33 to add
to my stash of previous winners to play another day. At this rate,
I could be a millionaire in several thousand years. Every ticket my
#2 son picked out today was a winner. The three I picked out:
losers. Some days you got it, some days you don't.

And while I'm thinking of it, go vote for Big Blogger 2. The
winner will be announced on Monday. I don't know how long
the polls will be open, but PLEASE, for the love of Gummi
Mary, go vote! For me. It's in the sidebar, here. I want to be
Miss Bloggerverse! ME! ME! ME! It's not the money, it's the
glory! I want the crown!


Blogger LanternLight said...

HH's 'safe room', the concrete room where he stores his treasures. Gave the #2 son a light plucked out of the wall, and told him if I didn't come back to go in the safe room.

I'm sooo glad I don't live in a hurricane area anymore.

There are people who can help you with the gambling problem :-)

6:00 AM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

Lucky!! We haven't had any good storms this year! Well, we actually had a good one last week, but I slept through it. I NEVER do that! It was too hot in the back of the house, so Mr. Diva and I moved to the living room and slept on a futon mattress in the floor. I had left the computer on because they said "slight chance of pop-up thundershowers, nothing severe". I woke up the next morning to find limbs all over the place, one ginormous tree branch dangling precariously over the trampoline and a house landed on my sister! Just kidding about the house landing on my sister. I am such a light sleeper I wake up at the first hint of thunder, but not that night. Good thing it wasn't toooooo bad. Yeesh. Glad y'all made it through okay!

9:17 AM  
Blogger Chickadee said...

I'm about to write up a post about the storm too. I thought about you when I saw that warning with tornado headed your way and hoped you were ok.

In the store where I work, we sell those windup flashlights...the kind where you wind up to get the batteries. I've been looking at them for the last few weeks, thinking about buying one and I think I'm going to get one. Of course when I go into the store tomorrow, they may be all gone, but I'm going to try.

Glad you're okay.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm sure it's the same people who run that casino hotline: 1-800-BETS OFF. I told HH it's a good thing we don't live near a casino. I would be there every day. Though I'm pretty good at keeping the gambling money separate from the feeding-and-clothing-the-kids money...

I forgot. You're like those neighbors I had in Cuba, Missouri, who stood outside with their mouths open when the town tornado siren went off. I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but all 4 of those kids were in the HS special ed class. None of them wore a red pirate do-rag, though.

See, if I got one of those, I would not be able to find it when I needed it. I got one for my nephew one Christmas to keep in his truck. He loved it.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

I never stand in the yard with my mouth open when the tornado's a'comin! I keep it closed to keep flying debris out.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Once again, I stand corrected! (As my children are wont to tell me on a daily basis.)

I hope someone has captured a rare picture of the elusive Redneck Diva With Closed Mouth!

10:41 AM  

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