Thursday, April 20, 2006

Unqualifed People Shipping Should Be Punished

Hillbilly Mom is angry tonight, my friends. Angry like a young nerd
who paid Second Day Air charges to ship his Bug Brain Robotics
Kit and did not receive it within three days.

Yeah. That's exactly why I'm angry. My #1 son has been saving for
two years for a laptop. Except he decided he'll hold off on that
laptop and get a robot. He paid $234.95 for the Bug Brain Kit,
with Tool Kit and Next Day Air shipping. And IT'S NOT HERE!
It was shipped Tuesday at 9:15 a.m. It was scheduled for delivery
today. Guess who screwed it up? That's right. You're all so very

UPS. Unqualified People Shipping. If you're a long-time reader,
you know I have issues with these people. The unqualified people.
Shipping. We have had neighbor's boxes delivered to us. Not our
next door or across the road neighbors. Half-mile away neighbors
who we don't even know. We have had all our boxes crushed.
We have had all our boxes opened. I must put my foot down.
I might have to miss work to go HAVE A ROYAL FIT with the
Unqualified People Shipping if my son's Bug Brain has been
crushed or opened.

It's his hard-earned money, people. Well, some of it he earned.
Some of it he got for birthdays and Christmas and Valentine's Day
and good grades. For two years, people. The earned money is
from doing extra chores like moving the free hairwad hot tub,
and mowing the yard with a push-mower, and loading and burning
junk with his dad. Which, I might add, took away time he could
have been fiddling with his computer. It is not fair.

UPS is cruisin' for a bruisin'. They are achin' for a breakin'. Oh,
they got away with peeping in and crushing my Amazon boxes.
They got away with opening and smashing my scale. They made
us go to the house where the wild-eyed, no-haired man came
out of the half-open garage door wiping blood off his hands, to
give him the package they left at our house. SOMEBODY MUST
way, people. We can not put up with shoddy service.

I called the service number for YOST Engineering, where my son
ordered his Bug Brain. And they answered the phone! At 8:15 p.m.
Central Standard Time, people! They did not give us a recording
with office hours when we can't call. After a brief hold to get the
right department, a polite young woman, Francesca, checked into
the matter for us. She looked on the UPS website the same as I
did, because they had emailed us a tracking number when the
Bug Brain shipped. Francesca said it looked like the UPS had
too many packages today, and didn't get it delivered, because
their site showed that it was still out for delivery. Yeah. I don't
think they are going to deliver after 8:00 p.m. Francesca said
that YOST will contact UPS and then give us a credit that would
only charge for ground shipping. Which is only fair. But which
doesn't seem fair if you are 11 years old and have been counting
the minutes until your Bug Brain arrives.

You rock, Francesca and YOST Engineering! That is the way
to do business. Francesca even stood up for UPS. I was having
none of it. I told her we'd had problems with them before, and
she said, "In this area, they're usually pretty good." I'm happy
for the state of Ohio, Francesca. But around here, they're extra
unqualified. I wish them a plague of millipedes in their basements.
Or a bugeye for each and every one of them.

Do not anger Hillbilly Mom. Do not disappoint her boy young 'un.
Because she takes it personally. And she will find a way to get


Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

That is so fuggin unreal..and I believe you, when it comes to our sproutlings trying to do some good and someone gets in the way it realy pis*es you off doesnt it.
Like the other day, I went to an indoor play centre with my girls. Prior to gettin there they were fightin alot and I said, "I'll have none of this fightin'". When we got there a little boy started to pick on Miss 3yr old and Miss 4 yr old came to the rescue..."Dont you touch my sister or I will knock you out!!"
Way to go girls, I said to the dad, "Look, just before they were fightin about breathin on each other and now theyre defendin each other to the death..can you believe it?"
Well, he couldnt..he only has the one child that can do no wrong..yeah RIGHT!!!
Hope your son gets his Bug Brain and I hope you give it to the mail people...they do suck.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Stacie said...

I'm so glad we have good UPS service here in Oklahoma. The other night we saw the UPS lady delivering way out here in the sticks and it was DARK! She was not going to quit until everything was delivered, I guess. She knows me by name, knows my husband's and my daughter's name and will wave at me anywhere I see her, even if it's out of the normal area. UPS lady, Sandy, you rock! Not as much as our old UPS dude, Brad, (Oh, ask Diva how I ranted and raved when Sandy took over our beloved Brad's position) but she is great. I wish you all had a Sandy or a Brad in Hillmombia.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Hillbilly Mom said...

Bug Brain has been resolved. I wish my boys would stick up for each other. But the older one joins others in picking on the younger. The younger one LOVES his big brother, and always gives in to him to make peace.

We used to have a good one. Then she must have gotten a route in town. She came to the rescue when she brought the Bug Brain, though. She ROCKS!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Redneck Diva said...

Back when I sold Pampered Chef I had the best UPS dude ever. He was so sweet and cute, too! Now, out here in the boonies we don't get much UPS stuff, but when we do it's usually a very dyke-y (NOt that there's anything wrong with that) lookin' chick who frankly scares me and my dog.

Our electric meter reader is awesome, though. He stood out in the yard and talked to me for 20 minutes last week and it wasn't even a conversation about getting my electric shut off!

8:55 AM  

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